Intolerance By Amanda Suzanne Faulke

She stared at the books on her desk, waiting for her Public Speaking class to start.  Amy was a sophomore at Baylor University in San Antonio, Texas.  The professor walked in and all the students became silent.  Today is the day that the Professor is going to give out everybody’s final speaking assignment.  Professor Mac also informed everyone that the speeches would be held at the Amphitheatre in front of the whole community.  That information was a little unsettling to Amy but there was not much she could do about it.  Amy got the subject of “INTOLERANCE” in the world today.  After class she went to the Library to begin doing research on Intolerance, she began writing her speech.  She walked out on the stage to the podium and Amy began her speech.


“Intolerance, to be intolerable, and to be in intolerant.  It’s an endless cycle of people unwilling to grant equality, freedom or any other social rights.  It’s very sad how much intolerance there is today.  So much prejudice, hatred, animosity and bigotry, it is scary.  For example: just look at all the recent terrorist attacks happening in London; where men women and children have been killed and injured.  Suicide bombers at concerts, shootings, stabbings and even a terrorist driving a bus just running into and over people!  Why has this world become so insufferable?  This is how the children of the world today are being taught.  They learn from how we act, then that is how they act as a result.  To much pride and to much prejudice! Too many phrases that should never be said, many things that should never be done and things that should never be seen!

We might all put out the fire while the flame is still small.  If everyone in this world would do his or her part, then maybe this endless cycle will actually end.”


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