WINKLE IN TIME by Cassie Brunet

Learning to let you go

Knowing that we can not stay

Maybe we can get it back right


But not now, not today

I have to say good~bye


The pain we cause each other,

Compared to the good times


To say it doesn’t hurt to

My soul would be a lie

Every dream I had involved

Me being with you

I’ve thought absence makes the

Heart grow fonder but it

Seems apart we grew

In my heart, to you I”ll

Always belong, you’ll

Forever be mine

I believe our love can

Be described best as

A wrinkle in Time


WHAT MATTERS by Cassie Brunet

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring

A second from now isn’t promising

With time I’ve learned to truly

Make it count.

To give it all you’ve got, to have

no regrets, that’s what it’s about

Forgive quick, love quicker, and love

With all your might

Bask in the sun during the day,

Admire the stars and moon at night

It’s a facade, the fame and

Tangible wealth

Priority lies with caring for your

Soul and health

Take heed of what you say and do

Because it’s what you’ll leave behind

It should be good for the ones after

You to find

The world has enough wicked

And bad that’s around

I intend to put out as much good

And love as I can

Before I am in the ground


She prays her mom would come home

Cuz she cry to for a visit

Her mother who is never there

Cuz she’s always in prison

In her letters she expresses

How she misses all those kisses

And how she wishes that her mom

Could have been with her

For Christmas


She sits inside her cell

Regretting everything she did

And crying over pictures

Of her invisible kid

She wonders if when she gets out

Will her child still even want her

And dreams of a reunion

With her invisible daughter


She’s always on my mind

And I hope that I can explain help my child understand

I didn’t want to stay away

And how much that I have missed her

And with her is where I’d rather be

I pray at night she feels the same

For invisible me…


I don’t trust nothing

I can tell when it’s a facade

I don’t trust n’one

Cuz deception isn’t hard

It comes before U

So they look out for themselves

So I only depend on me

And put my trust in nothing else

A lie don’t care who tell it

As long as it gets told

Lying is one of the oldest professions

Dreams are always bought and sold

But I ain’t buying just anything

So please do not mind that I am cheap

Better to be frugal than a fool

You can’t sell that shit to me










Tommy by Lucinda Dennison

As I kissed you on the cheek Good Bye all I could do for days is cry.

They took my baby boy Tommy away.  Are the only words I can say.

It’s been almost twelve long years and still I shed many tears.

Please let some of the pain ease, It is all I am asking please!

You blessed everyone around you with your smiles.

To see you again I would crawl a million miles…

To hear your voice, Oh how I would rejoice!

I will never say good bye cause you are still right here in my heart to stay

Until I get to Heaven one day …


Dedicated to my son Tommy Shields August 3rd 1981 to March 16th 2006

Time by Melissa Cerullo

Let her have time and silence, enough paper to make mistakes and go on. It’s funny how time can be both her best friend and her worst enemy. Time makes itself easy to trust, in the sense she knows it will be there at the same exact moment everyday. One thing for sure, time never misses a day. Some days, or even moments, time is on her side. She even wishes she had more of it.  As quick as a blink of an eye, time can be against her. Time switches up on her over and over again. The most unhealthy relationship in her life is time. It is a relationship she can not escape. Her and time must be together no matter how bad she hates it. Time changes her constantly, yet she can not seem to change time. It can not be controlled. She could try to change time if she wanted , but it would just hurt her in the long run. Besides, time would find it’s way back in anyways. It always does. Why is her life controlled by time? She tries everything she can to kill time, yet it never seems to die. Give her a pen and paper and she feels as if she is winning the war against time. As soon as she finishes writing time is still alive and winning well and she feels defeated all over again. Some days time seems to fly by. Like she barely spent any time with it. Other days time goes so slow. These days time is dreadful company.  She wishes time would hurry up and pass, but she is stuck alone with it’s company. Those days time is selfish and consuming and the most miserable company she has. In the snap of a finger time can disappear and leave the room. It gives her a chance to breath and enjoy herself. She thinks time is gone and just that quick she finds herself in the hands of time once again as she’s racing it. Now there is not enough time. Why must time play these games? Now, she sits in silence. Figuring a plan of attack. The object of defeat is simple, do the time, don’t let the time do her. It’s exhausting, being in a relationship with time. She checks the time religiously, sometimes dozens of checks each day. Why does time never check on her? Why is she the one living her life for time but time isn’t living it’s life for her?

At least she can count on time.  She knows it will always be there. Excuse her while she checks on time again….