Write On   ~   Mission Statement

Journaling is a splendid way to develop a better understanding of oneself.  With the composition notebooks the women have been able to express their feelings through the written word.  We have had some share poetry, short stories and one woman wrote an entire children’s book and is now working on her life story.  Writing allows the writer a unique freedom to safely and honestly look inside while working out details to correct old habits. Some of the women have reported that the journaling has positively changed their lives in that is has changed how they react to life events.

“Write On” hopes to help and inspire the women at the Detention Center to have a voice and a choice of how to change things to work better for them when they are out in the world. “Write On” has a site that allows their writings to be shared online for others to read and hear about life in the words of an inmate.

“Write On” will also have visiting writers, artists, yoga instructors and healthcare workers to demonstrate to the women that there is plenty of help on the outside.

“Write On” has a comprehensive list of all that is available in the community for the help they will need for the transition from jail to normal life.

“Write On” will meet once a week year round and work closely with Director Allen and Deputy Sharee Williams to keep a positive place at the Monroe County Detention Center.

~  2013  ~

“Write On” meets every Saturday at 7:30 pm.  “Write On” is a Life Skills class teaching the only life skill you will ever need which is Can You Love Yourself!?

There is plenty of time on the inside of a jail.  So we thought that having the tools to write was a good idea.  Took a while for the director to approve the composition notebooks which we now bring in each week and the women have been journaling and writing stories ever since.  I felt is was better for them to learn how to write out their feelings rather than to express them in inappropriate ways.  Add to that the fact they are locked in small rooms with many women who enjoy agitating one another. The notebooks have proven to be a good idea and a safe place for the women to express and share about themselves. This type of introspection is an indulgence new to some of them. But week after week they have completed the writing assignments and poured out their hearts and we have been happily surprised and impressed with the raw talent. We have some seriously talented writers here at the detention center.……!

~ Candace Whitaker & Kristina Neihouse, Program Directors


5 thoughts on “About

  1. thank you so much Ox and Candace yoou guys gave me so much confidence in myself while i was away from my family and i’m ready for the world to read “Wow”.

  2. Hey ladies..made it safely to vermont..its absolutely beautiful here..been kyaking and camping..start work tomorrow. Ill follow y’all and take care;-) say hi to amy…3053409766 be good candice!

  3. This was written by Kari Dangler, in your facility, she mailed it to me, I typed it, published it at http://goodmorningkeywest.com/?p=31080 about 10 days ago; she ok’d my sending it to Write On.

    MCSD Hostel – Always open
    5501 College Road
    Key West

    Welcome to the Key West MCDC Hostel. For a very small subsistence fee per day. Your short or lengthy stay includes: paper-pedic twin mattress on solid steel frame. In semi-private room. Two windows, one overlooking courtyard or common area. 1/4 bath with soap and towels provided. Access to free public women’s showers daily, boiling springs hot water, for lobster lovers look. MCDE also provides 3 meals over 3000 calories per day in large dining hall, 1/2 court basketball and recreational yard for exercising. Other accommodations include: laundry pick up and delivery, air conditioning, color TV, snack bar for $20 processing fee and donations from people on the outside, night and day security cameras and staff, transportation to local attractions within 100 mile radius, nursing staff available if needed 24/7.

    *second floor: Not handicap accessible, which include 2nd floor hostel rooms, 2nd floor meeting hall and 2nd floor visiting booths.

    *Not included: freedom until further notice

    We will always have the lights on for you.

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