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“Cold Concrete Hell” by Anonymous

Through these cold walls I dare to cry,

upon deafened ears on how I try, to

contemplate my iniquities, to se the

forest trough the trees. A forrest made

of brick and stone; these concrete walls

I call my home.  Here it is I sit my

stay, and here it is that I must pay.

In these walls of mortar and brick;

amongst this my blood runs thick,

like a wounded bird with a broken wing,

my cries unheard as the wails I sing to

unfound hearts and deafened ears; these

Woes do pass carrying all of my tears.

Like a drop of water on a window pain;

a tear from heaven resembles rain.

my cry reverberates thru this contemptuous

Cell but will never escape this concrete hell.


Stepping Stones by Angela Standford

Through life we go through stepping stones

Of achieving wisdom on our own.

Dare we learn what is taught,

And learn the hard way from which pain wrought.

Yet, with blistered fingers and broken bones

Still we climb those stepping stones.

And once we’ve fallen and fallen for the last time,

That’s when we’ve achieved wisdom in it’s

Great divine

Stains of Life by Cassie Brunet

Coffee stains on my book

Remind me of my life

They’re metaphors of the

Invincible scars caused

From all the strife.

My passion magnified

I grew more humble is

The outcome

After the dimmest times is

Where the most brilliant

Times come from.

Likewise with joy and bliss,

I’ve learned the significance

Of loving my pain.

Awaiting for my best inspirations

Yet in this book

In spite of the stains.


A big house on the side of the mountains

All the stars I could be counting

Looking at the forrest so pretty and green

Oh what a wonderful scene

Snow coming down on Christmas morn

The day my children were born

The day my mom and dad gave me my first car

And cared enough not to let me go to far

Lying on a sandy white beach

The taste of a sweet Georgia peach

Catching all those fish with my mom

That day was the best

Waking up to a beautiful sunrise

Seeing that sparkle in my man’s Stacy’s eyes

Holding each other tight

When we were in bed at night

All these things I’ve done and am doing to

So YES dreams do come true



Becoming reacquainted with the sunrise by Lucinda Dennison

Becoming reacquainted with the sunrise…

For sure brightens my eyes…

Makes me feel great inside…

On the water taking a boat ride…

I drop a line in the ocean so blue…

Fishing and sunbathing is what I love to do…

Fishing is great, we catch a bunch…

We fry them up and have some lunch…

Afterwards back in the sun I lay…

This is what I call a great day…

When it gets late and it is time to go…

I watch the sunset Oh what a great show…