Intolerance of Key West By Valerie F. White

My story starts when I came to the Florida Keys two years ago.  I had a purpose in mind for good changes in the community to help with what’s intolerable.  This is one of the biggest vacation spots listed for tropical islands in the United States.  The gorgeous turquoise warm water and weather attract many people from all over the world.  We know with a lot of day and night entertainment being offered of all kinds also comes with issues.  Activities can be very insufferable and drinking over the limit is the biggest cause of hatred, prejudice, animosity and bigotry causing the local police to become very zealous about the situation.  Those that come here are tourists.  The cost of living is high priced.  Many that live here are retired and have set incomes owning their own homes.  The ones still making a living here usually have a well-paid job to survive, ones that do not end up homeless.  Some will seek help for their issues, most will not.   There is not enough recovery in the Keys.  Lots of the ones without help that need to break the cycle, stay caught in the court system.   With a Celebrate Recovery program here in the Key West I can see there might be a big change.  There needs to be alternatives for people who get incarcerated and have to attend a recovery program that works weekly for all their needs.  The program I have been involved in for the last three years I have seen work miraculously well with a wonderful outcome of seeing big changes in people getting assistance as long as they attend weekly.  Problems in a community are not resolved overnight, as we know that it takes a great team of people that have already faced and overcome their issues before helping another or being a responsible accountability partner or sponsor for the one in need.

My goal is to bring Celebrate Recovery to Key West to help here with anyone suffering from any hurts, habits or hang-ups.  It is a faith based recovery group sharing with a group of people you can trust.  Support groups with people that have found a way to live in a community with many obstacles of getting a life back.  It helps keep families together making lives more beautiful and tolerable.  A place to help children while their parents are in-group, learning activities and childcare offered. Children are our future helping them to see better adults.  Getting people out of a prison system that is intolerable!



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