The Pondering Pond

Lily found herself starring at a pond so placid, it mirrored a willow tree, and in it she could see a perfect reflection of the setting sun.  Words couldn’t justify the splendor of this scenery; in the same way that language so often fails to adequately convey God’s beauty.  Language was created to help us translate just such experiences, but how much of life’s magnificence and glory got lost in that translation, she pondered, contemplating the methods Neanderthals may have imposed prior to the invention of language.

This may seem contradictory – to be philosophizing on Divinity and Evolution in the same moment.  Most people thought Lily was a walking contradiction herself – she was a scientist and a nun.  Yet there was an ultimate truth behind the mask of her two worlds that those same people declined to grasp, which put simply is Energy?  She believed that energy created this universe and what is God if not the purest form of energy?

Lily longed to make her mark on this life; albeit unparalleled with the obsession of fame her generation has morphed into a vain epidemic (nevertheless perhaps it is arguably relatable). She wanted to change the lens people viewed the world through, which in turn would change the way they lived their lives. This was an anonymous and sacrosanct fame she craved everlasting and far superior to any form of celebrity worship relished by the masses of our era.

So she embarked on her own personal crusade to bridge the gap between the futile war amidst science and religion, because she posed they were fighting the same fight. She proclaimed religion and science were two sides of the same coin, or two strands of the same helix, as it were.  If people could just see things the way she did maybe the crimes committed by zealots in Gods name could be prevented, and the Holy wars would cease because we could accept that all our religions and all our deity’s are simple aspects of the one – the same energy, which none of us will ever be able to infallibly define anyway.

Though a nun she may be, and the bible she does study, she does not believe that there is any one BOOK that a certain denomination possesses where you can find the proof of God. Instead his confirmation manifests in nature.  The same nature every single human being in this world shares: A rainbow over a snow wrapped mountain, or the pink tinge on the clouds from a setting sun, or the placid ponds just like the one she is currently starring at her own reflection in.

And it was in this pond that she had her epiphany.  What a scientist might call an altered state of awareness and a Christian may call an answered prayer (yet nonetheless the same inference).  Maybe she was going about this the wrong way.  It’s true that we all come from the same place, the same energy – whatever and wherever that may be.  And that the only difference in us all lies the in the infinite  variety of lenses each theory, religion or culture view the world through…  Yet It’s not her view, her lens that people need to understand and uphold.  Rather that each and every lens is syndicated into a colossal kaleidoscope.  And more importantly, however many lens that kaleidoscope may have, it’s still the same celestial spyglass through which we all gaze.


Jen McCall


You have no right to judge me,

You have no idea the things I have been through.

The pain I feel from the past or the heartache I have endured.

The smile I put on my face, does not reflect at all how I feel.

I smile to avoid crying, because I know once I start it will be hard to stop.

So keep your thoughts about me to yourself, and keep those eyes of judgment with that look of disapproval.

I have made some bad decisions.

I have learned from those mistakes.

I am getting my life back together,

And doing whatever it takes.

I am on the road of recovery, and I am taking care of me.

So if you are thinking about judging someone even it is not I.

Remember you have no idea the things that person has been through.

So please look upon everyone with friendly eyes

Amanda F Falke


There was a time when I was sure

I was in charge of my life.


The people I speak to the places I go,

The decisions I make,

They are mine alone.

Yet as I get older,

I have come to see that the

Person I am is changed.

Even if ever so slightly,

By the people I allow into my life.

It is as if I am a piece of clay – and all who

Touch me leave a fingerprint that will

Forever be with me.

I choose the people who touch me leave a

Fingerprint that will forever be with me.

I choose the people who touch me.

I cannot dictate the marks from the people

Who touch me?

As I cannot dictate the marks they leave behind




As the days go by and the clouds roll away,

I think of you every hour of every day.

The way you laugh, the way you smile,

It all makes my life worth while.

A day with you is a day well spent,

Sometimes I think you are heaven sent.

When times got tuff and I gave up,

You were there to lift me up.

You got me away from all the bad things

I had in my life,

An easy decision for you, you didn’t even think twice.

I am better because of you, I am starting over

Completely new.

You picked me up when I was down,

Helped me get my feet off the ground.

I am thankful

Because of you, I feel like I can fly.


Amanda Suzanne Falke


Written for: Fredrick Christian Beth Jr. my best friend


His eyes are blue and beautiful,

A look from him just melts my heart.

Where on earth did he come from?

I have loved him since the first day I met him,

My heart never had a chance.

Everyone has that certain someone

They are just drawn to no matter what.

No matter the time or distance they are apart,

The feelings they have for each other stay in their hearts.

His soul matches mine they are intertwined.

My heart is no longer available,

It’s as full as I can stand.

No one can ever win my heart over,

Because it belongs to my best friend !


Amanda Suzanne Falke


Tortured, tormented, tired and confused,

Feeling lost without you, I don’t know what to do

I miss you more than words can say

At first I was mad and angry

That has changed

Now I am just hurt and that is how it stays.

Tears fill my eyes each time I think of you,

If I could hear your voice or see your smile,

Do you know what that would do?

It would make me smile and warm my heart,

Ease some of this pain from being apart.

I wish you knew what it is like to love somebody like you,

Then you would understand all these emotions I go through.

With you on my mind, tears in my eyes,

And love in my heart.

Everyday, I spend away from you, it tears me apart.

Not feeling whole, less than me, wanting

You to hold me in your arms,

Wondering when the next time that will be.

Not knowing if you still love me,

Drives me insane.

But it does no good to sit here and complain

So tortured, tormented, tired and confused

I stay.


Amanda Suzanne Falke


I could kiss the sky for hours

Everyday discovering something new

I know this energy does not lie

How do I suddenly feel brand new?


You walk into a room

Lightening bolts through the sky

Con I resist the inevitable?

I’m petrified of this natural high


You read my thoughts

And help me conquer my fears

With only the night between us

I fight hard to hold back the tears


I replay this bittersweet song

Over and over in my head

I open the door, ME

You grab and kiss, like it has been too to long

Do I know you from another lifetime?


You touch my face and my body trembles

This power formed between us

Stands to incomprehensible


The hunger runs wild, deep throughout your green eyes

Pulling me in endlessly

Beyond an immeasurable



My leaving soon is scary

But I know it is not the end, so

Do not say good-bye


For my dreams never lie

So until we meet again my love


Please excuse me while I kiss the SKY


Lisa Marie