Anxiety so high I could touch the skin

Lights’ burning in my eyes my head spins

Where do I begin!


All my hurts and sorrows I hold within

How can the past be past?

When the pain still lasts


A pain so deep I can’t help but cry

Hiding everything continually inside


Where are from do you ask

Why bother

Are they not by your side?


So I stuff my pain inside my mind

It continues to burn inside

I have always been taught and told not to cry


I did this to me and the sadness overrides

OH God helps this pain subside


Camille Edwards

As cold water to a faint soul

As cold water to a faint soul

So is good news from a far country


As cold waters to a very faint soul

So is the good news from a far away country


As I am a person who truly loves to swim

I don’t like swimming in cold waters to a body

Or a faint soul

Besides having the good news from a far away country


Camille Edwards


I let myself down without a doubt drinking and drugging like a waterspout.

I couldn’t see where my life was going, but my pain and fear was steadily growing.

I will get to the point I did not care! All of my money went up in the air.  There were many a days I thought I would die living my life lie after lie.  To be an addict there is no fun, being chased by a drug, always on the run.  There is no place to go when the devil is your ride.  When you are with your “friends” and getting high you will awake one day and these “friends” will be gone but the devils hook will still hang on.  I have learned something being in Jail looking at my life from this little cell.  What the devil gives me he always takes back, and thank God we have Jesus!  He takes up our slack.  I called on him to set me free.  He gave me salvation, promised eternity.  He told me every promise I will keep if you follow me your path would not be so steep.  He cleansed my soul from all unclean.  He gave me love I have never seen.  If you are out there just call out his name because there is no future in Satan’s game….





Hold my beautiful heart

Do with it what you will

But please remember I gave it to you

While my life was standing still


I’ve had so much lonely time

To give thought to loving you

There is a fair amount of risk involved

To believe your love is true


But still I think

I’ll take the chance

To see what we can do

Just please remember

That in your hands

My heart is still black and blue


It has been driven over

Kicked and stomped

And pierced deep through and through

Balled up and thrown back at me

Never returning now


But this time I feel

It’s worth the risk

To start a life with you

With hope and faith and love involved

It could heal the black and blue


I am so fearful of this great big world

And trying to do things all alone

God tells me to team up with you

Let’s make ourselves a home



Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of them all?

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Darkest of shadows on the wall


Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who is the spunkiest of them all?

Mirror Mirror on the wall I see

Shadows up on the wall


Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who is the scariest one of all?

Mirror Mirror on the wall

The silliest of shadows up on the wall


Camille Edwards




I ‘ve come to realize that the part of my life

that needs healing is myself.

I have found enough pain inside myself to

break my heart, facing the fact that I’m broken

can be very crushing.

As I dissect my life I arrive to the conclusion that

I need change.

This change starting within myself, to be able

and allow myself to change my outer world.

Being inside these walls has given me the time

to give my life a good look and a second chance

I need to work on a lot and make serious changes

in my life before all I need to heal myself.

The battle is hard so I will heal myself.


Naivis Meulener


“I count him braver who overcomes his desires

than him who overcomes his enemies.  For the hardest

victory is victory over self.”   -Aristotle-


What if you cannot find the forest if you have gone

The direction of where the tree is.

So I should bet if I really wanted to I could although

It may be you may never ever know about that tree deep

In the forest you may never know


Camille Edwards