This is the change… I needed a change


Too falsely happy to see the light.

In too dark of a place to know what was right


When I first walked in it was so dark and so cold

A dead end turn brought to life

My way of living was not a life

It was a pattern a behavior when I had given up strife


No door-knob to turn, no light switch to flip

Had all I’d been doing really led up to this


I cried for days, shuttered at the rules

Only to realize the world must do something

With those who have become their own fool


In a place of gloom, where one finds negativity room after room


One door I enter every Monday night

Turns on my heart and mind like a beacon in the night


Now everyday I use my new journal

To record my new life!


Someone else’s actions reflect constructive thought

One can carry on!!


Thanks so much for your time and your belief in us!


Write On , Write ON!!!


Something as simple

As a person’s smile

Can get you through a rough patch

-or worse-for a while.


Just a gleam in your eye

And a flash of your teeth

A small curve of your ips

For all that you greet.


It can mean so much

To a person in passing

I’s even save some lives,

Some–to the point of everlasting.


So please make the effort

To share a kind smile

As it pulls so many of us through

That last often trying mile.



Thoughts before nap time




Looking though the glass I wonder who she is

I study her face her eyes almost feline

She is the definition of beauty but she doesn’t know

Dark painted guilty uneasy

So beaten so broken from living fast

A super glues shattered soul

Her only bright spot is also her darkest memory

Good-bye nature a heart so pure

Consumed by a world so evil

Pain Shame Guilt things she struggles with each day

So lost so distant so confused she finds ways to take the pain away

Another day another dollar her bankroll

Were getting big but her self-esteem smaller?

Another line another puff

Realizing nothing is ever enough

Another obstacle another wall

Another day of feeling small

She is deep in her addiction

Rock bottom as they say

She leaves the glass pushing me away

Came back Come back God send her back to me

As I fall to my knees

I just realized the nature of the disease

That glass is the mirror and that girl is me


Tanya Rego

“Time” For Another Nap

It’s harder and harder to find myself

As each day goes by

Lost in my own wilderness

And I’m not sure why

I attain to conquer

But all I find is sleep

Addicted to my dreams

My issues – still piling in a heap

As each day goes by

Lost, I sit and stare

Thinking of the future ~ after all this?

Buyer beware

Too tired to “try”

And to tired to think

I’ve become “one” with my bed

And my mind’s on the brink

To “conquer and achieve” is

What I once lived for

Now it’s to drift on another dream

~Question the realm behind each door

Why bother to wake

To this sad weary place

Just a shell of myself

My will? Barely a trace

The goal is to thrive

When behind these walls

Decay of the mind

Comes after too many repeated falls

Year after year now

And still more beauty sleep

When will it ever end?

How? For prosperity will I reap?

More and more sleep

To get away from myself

Easier to cope

With my heart on a shelf

“Open thine eyes

And be satisfied with bread”

It’s in the proverbs (20:13 proverbs)

Which I’ve recently read

“Love Not Sleep” it says

“Lest thou come to poverty”

Proof ~ that what I’m doing to myself

Is total robbery?

If I could just wake up and “do this…”

But it’s always tomorrow

Knowledge of this ~ plus the “yesterdays”

Only compound more sorrow

Can’t wait to cover up

And get lost in a dream

Another moment here awake

And I’ll surely begin to scream

So back to my dreams

To escape this wretched place

To partake in another “story”

Out there in foggy space

So many other places

Out there to be found

Challenges to conquer

While I sleep safe and sound.

Michelle Najanicle

Sept 20, 20

*”Addicted to my Dreams”

Because it’s the only way, really to

spend time with my daughter and or my Mom.

My dreams are my only way to still have a family!

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Roses are red, violets are

Blue I see unhappy

Memories and destruction too

Roses are red, violets

Are blue I see unhappy

Endings, I see you

Roses are red, violets

Are blue everything around

Is subject to change

Roses are red violets are blue

I see changes that are inside you

Roses are red violets are blue

The changes you make are all up


Camille D Edwards

This was the writing prompt: All that I had left of my wings was a single solitary feather:

This was the writing prompt:  All that I had left of my wings was a single solitary feather:

Hurt, pain, brokenness – No matter what I do or how hard I try it never fails, I mess up.  I’m a failure.  Fear anger, lowliness.  My emotions control me.  Lost, dazed, confused.  How do I take my life back?  I know I’m not a bad person.  I can be loved… Right?  I was born innocent and over my life span I look demonic.  I seem to be attracted to deadly, dangerous and destructive people, places and things.  I know this is not the life I was destined for.  I can do such amazing things if I put my mind to it.  I have to change my perception on life.  I have to think about what I am thinking about I cannot start the race and give up again.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me; I am more than a conqueror.  There is nothing I can’t achieve BELIEVE THIS!  I’m stuck in the middle of a spiritual struggle.  It’s a tug of war, Angels vs. Demons.  I know I can live a righteous life but I am prone to the evil side.  What’s wrong with me?  Some say it’s my nature, I was born a sinner.  So what do I do?  I pray and transform my mind to think like Christ.  I have tried time in and time out.  I continuously fail.  Why try anymore?  I know I can do it for a short time only to fall back into the same routine.  I am doomed… not this time.  I got this.  The only stopping me is self.  Dust yourself off.  Pick up your cross and follow me, he says.  So I start studying and storing away scripture in my heart.  Now I can quote verses.  This is not so bad.  It feels good this peace and a sound mind are real.  Damn I am getting attacked, everyone is against me, and I am shunned.  Could it be because I am changing?  Is it me or is it them?  Am I faking this?  This sucks maybe my mom was right, she should have aborted me, and I will never amount to anything.  I need medicine to be normal.  Forget that, God can heal me, I am unique, and I am a born leader.  I was made to set an example.  I love and forgive.  I deserve love and forgiveness.  I am finally learning that I get attacked when I do well.  One by one the devil is plucking my feathers. I am an angel just misguided Damn it, I am down to one final feather.  I have to hold on to it!  If I lose it I am never going to have my chance at winning this fight!  I want to spread my wings and FLY…  You’ll never get to that point… It is OVER… No way I am going to win!  SILENCE! Now I have 2 feathers. Stop negativity the moment it comes courage to be me alone and when someone is looking. Now I have 3 feathers.  Hope I will make it to the end of this race even if one of the hurdles knocks me down I will make it over the next one with ease.  Now I have 5 feathers. Trust, yeah you hurt me but we all make mistakes.  I love you more because you are still here.  Now I have 7 feathers.  I love myself no matter if I always get things right or not there is no such thing as perfection.  My wings are complete.  My feathers may have fallen off but they grew back.  Even when it looks as if there is no way out God always makes a way.  Thank you Jesus.

Megan Burrell

Stay with me

Stay with me

Here where our visions collide

Even if only for one day

Two minds

One thought

A perfect painting


Stay with me

Here where beings intertwine

Even if only for one minute

Two bodies

One soul

A deceptive sculpture


Stay with me

Here where our veins meet

Even if only for one moment

Two hearts

One beat

An imperfect stream of perfection

Called LOVE

Please stay with me