Death 2 The Old Me by Cassie Brunet

Rope around the neck, let them hang, death to that devil.

Put ‘em in the ground, cover the grave with dirt and pat it with a shovel.

Now it is back to basics with a clean slate, meaning past sin he erases.

Who I was has led me to who I am, No regrets.

I see the future shining bright like flawless baguettes.

Sky’s the limit and then some, with honest anticipation I am excited about this journey and outcome.

God first, rebirth to my spirit and the rest will follow.  Those ingredients create the recipe to succeed, keeping my soul full never hollow.

Used to fall weak to temptation until I accepted this revelation that everything that has been done is vain, under the sun.

Unity is most important that is loving each other as one.

Forgiveness is the key to unlocking the doors to being stressed.

Quiet my mind and my soul spoke, this is what it sail, “To be comforted all you need to do is lift up your head.”

No more weight on my shoulders or shackles on my feet, I am FREE.

I pulled the trigger with bullets full of faith, causing the Death 2 the Old Me!


Cassie Brunet



That Woman. By: Amanda S Falk

There is this woman that sometimes gets on my nerves.

She gets mad and upset too easily.

I think of ways I can help her.

I tell her to stop thinking so much and just go read or write.

I tell her to just let go of all the things that are out of her control.

I tell her to just think of all the things she can be grateful for.

She starts to cry from all the pain she feels in her heart.

I don’t know how to console her, or how to make her pain stop.

So she does things to numb the pain and all of those feelings.

I wish this woman would listen to me, for some reason she never does.

There is this woman who sometimes gets on my nerves!

That woman is me.


The last leaves have fallen

and the animals slumber.


Winter is coming.

The first snow is falling.


Sneaking off to the mountains,

the clatter of skis all around.


Racing up and down the slopes.

The day slowly slips away.


Now back at the lodge,

feet propped up by the fire.


A hot cup of cocoa in hand,

watching  the snow fall steadily.


I think to my self…

What a great day of playing hooky.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER by Esperanza Eian

I always wanted a happily ever after filled with love and laughter.

Instead all I got was a disaster.

Chasing my dreams, I will succeed.

I see my past in the distance.

Looking forward to my future.

Living in the present time.

I tell myself you are worth it baby girl you shine.

Trying to forget anything that has hurt me.

How many people who would only desert me.

God on my side while the devil is always lurking.

My Grandmother, she is such a blessing my guide when I feel lost.

She will never let me sink when I think I am drowning.

Makes me smile when she sees me frowning.

So many days I have stopped counting.

The world is spinning and so is my head.

Rest in peace to the dead.

This life is a constant war.

Still I will fight until I can’t no more.

Even when it is dark I see the sunshine.

In due time everything will fall in place.

For now I will deal with the problems at hand and do it with grace.

Slow down, there is no rush time to find my own pace.


Esperanza Eian