I had a Dream by Esperanza Eran

It’s been so long since I’ve

Seen you. How did you get here?

Yes I am happy to see you! There’s

So much I want to tell you.

So much I need to say.  Looking in

Your eyes. Taking in your scent. Just

Enjoying this moment by your side.

It feels so good to kiss your lips

Allowing you to hold me close, because

I’ve missed you more than words

Can say. These days drag on when

You are not here, Please stay. You can’t

Ever leave again! I can’t bare to

Watch you walk away.

What do you mean this isn’t real?

Are you going crazy? Have you lost

Your mind? I don’t understand why

You don’t have enough time. Of course

I know you love me. I love you too.

I always will. As I sit up and look

Around, you are no where to be found.

You are gone. Tears fall down my face

Because I realize God gave you a

Chance to say good bye.

It felt so real

I still can’t believe

It was my imagination

I had a Dream.


This is dedicated to

Milton Fransico Reyes Garcia


Changes by Bobbi Mahlan

Sitting, waiting, contemplating

All these changes I’ve been



I know I’ll succeed through the

Struggle, if you ask me my motivation,

I’ll say I’m a Mother.


How I lost sight of all things important

The high took my emotions.  I don’t know

How else to put it all.


Sitting straight and sober minded,

longing for your touch and hearts still



Forever my babies I know I’ll

Succeed , I refuse to give up.

You’re all I need!


taking action, no debating.  All these

Changes I’ve been making.

Love Never Fades by Heather Evans

Even though you’re not here with me

I can still see you in my dreams

I feel your body next to me

My love for you will never fade

I close my eyes and it is like you’re here


Your touch, your smile, your love

It’s too much every step every mile

Oh how I miss your smile

Near or far, far or near either way

You’re sill here. My heart still beats

For you my Dear

Ba-Boom Ba-Boom Ba-Boom

Do you hear that?  Maybe not

But I can feel it! A tear falls

For every minute you’re not in it

I will always love you all the same

For you my Dear, my heart


You, Me and the Money Tree by Cassie Brunet

Last night I had a dream of

You, me and the Money Tree.

The sky, we lounged under, the

Shade that Money Tree made.

We seemed so happy like everything

Was okay.  Then it came time for the

End of the day.

As the sun began setting we realized we had

No home, then we started fretting.

It grew dark and cold, we shivered,

Just ourselves to hold, with no bed

For our heads to be found.

What good is the shade from

The Money Tree with darkness

All around?

I Don’t Remember by Amber Rae Smith

I don’t remember, what I was supposed

To do yesterday.

I don’t remember, what I was supposed

To do today.

I don’t remember, who I was or

What I’m supposed to change.

I don’t remember, who to love,

I don’t love everyone the same.

I don’t remember, why I’m here or

When the hell I came.

I don’t remember, all the time or

Memories haunting my brain

They come and go.

Locked deep inside my mind.

I don’t remember, all my wrongs

Because my freedom is divine

I don’t remember, asking God to

Save a wretch like me

I don’t remember, things of the past

No longer haunting me

My sins completely washed away

My memories last

Present, Future and also my Past

I remember all the times Now

Because there is a beautiful God

Who shows me everything

All the things that made me Forget

I don’t remember.

Twas the Night Before Booking by Shamika Clarke

Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the dorm

All the inmates had been stirring

Since 6 in the morn.

So they sat and took coffee shots

In the dayroom in hopes that dear

Santa would swing their way soon

Soon came 11 and they all went to bed,

With visions of Touch Pay deposits

Dancing in their heads.

Then up the roof, there

Came such a noise, so loud

And obnoxious it alerted them boys.

They all rushed outside to see what

Was the matter, and they were mighty fast

But dear Santa was faster

He jumped from the roof to the girls wreck yard

Fence, wire cutters in hand determined

To get in.

So he cut through the fence, swiftly with care,

In hopes he’d be done before backup got there

He jumped down the wreck yard and then opened

The door, to find Ms. Mahoney asleep on the floor.

So he set out the presents but soon as he was through,

He heard “Hands in the air, you in the red suit.” So he

Yelled “Hey it’s Santa, you guys know me.” So Santa,

Followed them to booking not knowing what he’d get,

Now for Breaking and Entering, he is on Keysso.net

Sometimes I Cannot Stop Wondering by Esperanza Eran

Sometimes I cannot stop wondering


All I can do is cry

I feel like I’ll never make it out alive

This pain comes from deep inside

My natural instincts are telling me I am

Going to Survive

Too many times I was led by the


But to my surprise it was called real life

I could never realize

Pray to God

Telling him please stick by my side

I will never give up

I have this tiger eye

No matter what I will always try