By Jessenia Gonzalez

Once in awhile


She catches something

in my eyes. something

not meant for her or anyone


Something very close

And familiar. She see


Once she gathered up the courge. She asked

“What are you so afraid of”

I sat up very quietly

for several long minutes


I tool a long deep breath

Cleared my throat, “Nothing now

But I used ti be afraid all the

Time I met evil when I was

Only a child

It has followed me for

Many years now

But it was nothing new

And I accepted it. It was the


Think to do. Never accept evil

As something you must walk with

Something I thought I deserved

“Somehow can you understand

what I mean “ She nodded

“But I do understand. I’m just

not sure how to go about

separating myself from the

evil I’ve already accepted

And I Say “It’s alright Mom

I DO understand

And for that reason I

Hold no grudges, my love

For you will always remain

Even in this place full

Of Evil.

Describe an emotion as if it where a character…

ANGER by Mary

Anger she sits and stares, her beady eyes inviting anyone who dares.

Anger is easily influenced by gossip and lies.  Anger never lets it die.

Her black hair and dark clothes.  She has an earring hanging from her nose.

Her dark lipstick and eyes painted black, Anger gives the morning to “stay the

fuck back”!  The only one she lets near is violence cause anger and violence

Can’t see clear and since misery loves company she keeps those two near.


DEVOTION by Tay Rios

She lives in an impenetrable bubble.  So high up that even logic can’t reach..  Blissfully

Unaware she exits in her shatterproof world with only one purpose.  Meet Devotion!

Her sight is beyond this earthly realm yet she is blind to anything outside of her one and

only reason for existence.   She’s best friends with Love and Ignorance.  They do everything

together!  Logic, her worst enemy, likes to stalk her.  He’s jealous of her bubble and doesn’t

understand the opinions of his step sister: Naivety.  He wished that both his sisters and Devotion would get a clue!  Steadfast and Loyalty, Devotions parents, swear that their daughter isn’t wasting her time.  However, only Devotion can truly grasp the deep rooted and undying

connection between her and her host.  For she can only exist if her one and only does


JOYFUL by Yanayce Valasquez

Joyful is the little guy that sits in front of every class and makes friends

with the people that do not have friends.  He is a very bubbly little guy

that seems to be a little shy.  He seems to bring happiness to others.

His best friend is Difference because him and her together make a

big difference in life.


LOYALTY by Kerry Segel

Loyalty stands with confidence wearing a smile knowing he is good

never participating in deceit.  Loyalty is handsome and attractive but

is off limits to Temptation and Lies.  His truth has a glow that affects

all eyes.  Loyalty does not have a big circle of friends but instead a

true circle.  Where friendships do not end.  He never associates with

Drama or Deceit from their negativity he retreats. Loyalty has a smell

so inviting that Honesty can not resist.  Loyalty and Honesty are partners

in life.  Loyalty a handsome man and Honesty his wife.


Joy by Tracy

I’ve got the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart

I really do feel Joy on a daily basis since coming to jail

Joy in being free from my active addiction

Joy in being a person again, not that animal

Joy in making decisions rather than acting on compulsions

I hear Joy in the voices of my family when I speak to them

I am genuinely HAPPY

Thoughts by Emily Wagner

The thoughts of you come on so strong.  Like a gust of wind in an open field,

there’s nothing to stop it.  You grab onto my heart with the initial thought at first

I will let it be.  Because sometimes you let go as quickly as you squeezed.  But most

of the time you grab hold of my heart, you squeeze tighter and tighter.  So tight it spreads

to my lungs and you suffocate me.  But I’ve learned.  At first I had to scream to God!  Then

with some learned grace, life a sparrow learning to fly, I turned my scream to a yell.

From a yell to a raised voice and from a raised voice came a whisper.  Now when you try to suffocate me, I need only to whisper, “Jesus take this burden” and your grip loosens.  You tried to make me nothing more than decaying compost.  I know that good compost makes good soil.

I have been gifted with good seeds and the book of Mathew taught what will come of good

Seeds in good soil.

I am Worth It by Tanya Rego

I am done suffering because I am worth it.  I once felt I was

powerful and spiritual but having no spiritual foundation led

me to drugs and alcohol.  I have endured overwhelming

circumstances and seemingly insurmountable challenges.

I have experienced what I needed to experience and I am

moving on to something better and something greater!  I’m

moving to the peace I seek the forgiveness I seek because

I Am Worth It.  Hell is only real until it isn’t and the devil is

Only as powerful as I allow him to be.


I’ve become a slave to a love so strong

I feel as though the tide has dragged

me under

As if I was lost in a storm as the

lightening strikes before the sound of thunder

A slave to the heart that beats deep down

in this chest of mine

As if my blood were rushing through my body

causing me to mistake you for some sort of shrine

A slave to your voice one that is sweeter than

music or any other melody known to man

As if the only thing left were you leading me to

the dance floor whispering “Love me you can”

As a slave I surrender to my master

with something I’ve never before known

love unconditional and true

As if my unconditional surrender would lead me

to a happiness and peace experienced by few

As your slave I’m led by the hand and pushed

toward the tunnel of my dreams

As if I was meant to awaken and realize nothing

absolutely nothing as it seems

Lots of Odes

On Saturday June 29th Dr. Emily Schulten Weekley visited Write On at the Monroe County Detention Center. In preparation for her visit, she asked the ladies to write an Ode. What follows are their odes to love, authors and even us-Write On!



By Emily Wagner

Hats off to the man whose expanded my brain.

Yes, hats off tot he man who’s shown it’s

more fun to roll in the strange and untamed.

Hats off, more like I love you, to the man who

can lubricate my cognitive apparatus with

Shamans with inconvenient taboos, to jewel

Thievin’ monkeys, French nuns, pyramids, and

even Timbuktu.  A final hats off to him unafraid to

say, “If George Washington had wooden teeth, Christianity’s

to blame!”





By Chasity Amix

I want to be wrapped in your arms

for the rest of my life.


Or riding in your truck my feet

on the dash with the radio on all

the way up full blast.


Or just lying beside you on our

airbed in the back.


Or camping with you in our tent in

the sky, anywhere is better with you

and that is no lie.


Arms and legs intertwined , my toes

wrapped around your achilles tendon

you will always find.


Some may find it silly, but it is only

you that I miss you are the only one

I think of the only one I want to kiss.


There are times we have had nothing

and others  we have had much, but

the most important thing has always

been the others touch.


You are my first thought in the

Morning and my last as I lie down

each and every night.


I hope that when this is all over

we finally get it right.  Because you

are the one I will love for the rest of my life.




Write On – ODE TO YOU!

By Shana L. Valencia

Tactfully times for my Saturday night fun

as I sit in the slammer with no sun.


Scented with mixtures of nag champs incense and

seasoned library books, our inspirational

writers arrive.


I starve for their arrival as much as I

hunger for my release.


Chariots take me away arming me with golf

pencils and fat erasers, I sail away to

uncharted waters of my imagination.


Encapsulated in a high school chair~desk saddle

I sit ready for the battle.  Its a paradoxical war between

my mind, my time and punishment.  Locked in a small

room full of cattle.


I compulsively, “yet” artistically take on all three

with deep complex synchronicity.


You transcend my brain to spontaneous places

safely as we defend our criminal cases.


Oh Write On you must carry on, long after I’m gone.

Before I turn this ode into a dreadful song.





By Zoryana Brown

I want to feel that intense sting on

my back.  I want to turn over and

feel that skin peeling, eye biting

brightness of your rays blinding

me as they peak through the palms

I want to feel that soft crunch of

sand in between my toes.  How

about the way you move those

frothy, curvaceous waves of blue

and green.  I can’t begin to tell

you how breath taking it is to

watch them rise and fall.  I

could lay there all day listening

to the screeching of sea gulls

as they swarm into steal

my sunglasses.  I would bask in

your presence until dusk taking

in the salty air and admiring

your dark hues of orange, pinks

and blackish purples while listening

to the soft coach of the waves

against the sea shore





By Tracy Curley



Open container


Your charges seem so trivial

Yet in duplicate

They become habitual


You live on beer and cigs

in a home made in a tree


But in jail it is coffee and cake,

three hots, a cot, a shower and A/C


I’m no better than you

Jail saves me from my addiction


Just be honest with yourself

Stop with the fiction


I suppose I’m just lucky

to live in a house and have a bath


But I could easily be you

if I don’t find a new path