A statement made, words spoken softly with no truer meaning.  They’re just asking for

help.  She just smiles to herself because no one was listening to her cry.  The 

true meaning of such a statement is taken for granted daily or simply over looked 

because no one understands.  No one hears the pain in her words that slice her skin.  

Tired of being here, ready to leave from this place full of hypocrites and haters who 

can get along with the ones that are so like themselves.  Mirror images, reflections of

one’s self bouncing off the negative energy inside these walls that we are forced to live in.  

Spirits walk among us and she makes herself known for whatever reason.  Energies intertwine

taking some back to a a time when things and places like this don’t exist.

A desolate place that grabs a hold and pulls you in to such comfort and warmth like a mother’s 

womb.  Soothing the very soul.  A temporary fix until the eyes open and she’s back in to

the place she hates the most.  Rage, hate and yes even passion, how can that be.


Longing to just close her eyes and be done with it all.  She still walks among us, reaching

out with all this pain.  Still trying to help those she can, a kindred soul, a spirit trapped into helping 

those who can’t help themselves or never able to truly let go.


—Helen Rich


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