I sit often drawing while taking in the noises around me.

Thinking of nothing in particular while pulling in the sounds of voices that have no reason.

Later playing back conversations while trying to understand the words spoken.

Senseless ramblings asking myself, “for what reasons do they speak of such things? To fit in,

belong, or just to hear the sound of their voices?”  When in reality they don’t know anything. 

Words spoken out of jealousy, fear, intimidation or simply not understanding so they say what 

they feel.  They must not truly be thinking of the outcome of just what they say, feelings hurt, 

minds fucked up, or a slow burning anger ignited by a statement spoken in ignorance.  

The voices around me, words spoken sounding like hens in a hen house.  Opening their beaks

pecking away at the pebbles while feeding on each other’s shit!  Senseless ramblings for no other 

reason but to pass the time.


I walk among them, casting out words like grains of corn, watching it eaten up while in my 

mind I shake my head at the tiredness of it all.  Too many years waisted walking around

in this shit @ one time being a key player who gladly now fades into the background of it all.

Realizing time does not stand still, people we love don’t sit and wait as the days, months, 

or years roll by.  My eyes are open as my head is down looking at the lines I put together.  

Shading in colors of grey and feeling each stroke of this pencil.  I hear you, do you listen 

to the words that flow from the mouth like music notes to a bad song, off key and damaging. 

 What could be so beautiful.


-Helen Rich


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