MY OWN BEST FRIEND by Kristen Hatcher

You think you really know someone.  But, people always have a way of showing you their true colors.  This person had my heart and strangely in some ways still makes it flutter.  It hurts when you think someone has the same heart and genuine feelings as you, but then again they show you nothing but sins.  I thought you were a true friend but that thought has come to an end.  I was there for you when no one else was.  Now you left me here all alone showing me what a fake friend does.  A true friend knows your weakness but shows you your strengths.  Sees your anxieties but frees your spirit, recognizes your disabilities and emphasizes your possibilities.  If you can’t be that friend for me, then I am good with being MY OWN BEST FRIEND!!

SOMEONE TO CALL by Michelle Naranich

Girls to smile

Over the phone

As my tears drop

I’m forever alone


I’d give anything

To have someone to call

Somebody to care

If I gave things my all


Nobody really cares

If I do or don’t drink

I’ve always cared

With my future on the brink


It’s been that way

Since the first day I started

As my freedom and love

Indefinitely departed


Still why can’t I be

Like the other girls on the phone

With a friend to call

Or a place to call home


I know it’s wrong

To be filled with envy

When they laugh with their beau

His love not stingy

I tear~up as I write

Sad with this jealousy

Yet I am happy for them

Their life’s not a fallacy


Oh what I’d give

To have someone to call

Someone to care

If I gave things my all

Shadows by Eramis Fontenot

I’m wandering

In your darkness

Thoughts over take me

I’ll surely fall down now

But there is a hand reaching out

This darkness cannot hold me forever

Why do I let myself feel so hopeless?

I’m lost again mapping out where I have been

Too many dead ends to count… where can I go?

This shadow fools me in this endless maze I have created

But I will find the light for I have in the past

Emotions by Kelly Krug

Emotions run deep inside my veins.

Presently being locked up I am able to focus on my

sobriety and take advantage of my solitude.

I know that if I can break free of this atmosphere I can

prioritize my situation and surroundings a whole lot cleaner and

clearer.  I must escape this far fetched escapade and choose a

wiser path.  For the wisdom is awaiting my presence.  And so shall

the grass always be greener…

NO MORE by Amanda Suzanne

I couldn’t fly because my wings were broken,

Thanks to you and things that are unspoken

Tick Tock says the clock,

Can’t turn back time there is not such luck.

As I sit here tears fill my eyes,

To think of how I loved and trusted you

When everything about you was a lie.

You made me feel okay for only a while,

Then you started to hurt me but I was in denial.

I no longer want that feeling,

I do not need to feel that rush.

You ruined my life completely,

Hurting those I love so deeply.

I have started all over fresh and new,

Making amends to those I knew.

I will never give up so you don’t win,

I will never take a hit again!

One Last Time by Kristen Hatcher

I packed a bag for us, are you ready to go Babe?

I know I am.  I’m so excited.  I packed your favorite

Miles Davis album for the boat ride and of course

I got your practice pad & drum sticks.

And we are off!! On the most memorable boat trip ever.

Just you and me.  Holding you carefully in my arms.

Never letting you go, hold onto me tight, cause it might me a bumpy ride.

I’ve prepared your favorite meal, Yep steak and eggs!

That’s right, I’ll never forget.

I’ll never forget your smile, your touch, your kiss, the way you would look at me,

your laugh, the sound of your heartbeat when I would lay on your chest, the way you

would call me your Boogalu and the beautiful memories with our handsome son Mikel.

I’m so grateful to have had you be apart of my life.

You will never leave my heart.

I loved you from the start.

Even though you are no longer here, nothing to fear, I’ll always keep you near.

I thank God today for this boat ride with you and for giving us one last time together.

Then I could hear you say “don’t worry Boogalu, this won’t be the last time.

We will be together again one day soon, until then think about me every time you

look at the moon!