Thoughts by Emily Wagner

The thoughts of you come on so strong.  Like a gust of wind in an open field,

there’s nothing to stop it.  You grab onto my heart with the initial thought at first

I will let it be.  Because sometimes you let go as quickly as you squeezed.  But most

of the time you grab hold of my heart, you squeeze tighter and tighter.  So tight it spreads

to my lungs and you suffocate me.  But I’ve learned.  At first I had to scream to God!  Then

with some learned grace, life a sparrow learning to fly, I turned my scream to a yell.

From a yell to a raised voice and from a raised voice came a whisper.  Now when you try to suffocate me, I need only to whisper, “Jesus take this burden” and your grip loosens.  You tried to make me nothing more than decaying compost.  I know that good compost makes good soil.

I have been gifted with good seeds and the book of Mathew taught what will come of good

Seeds in good soil.

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