I’ve become a slave to a love so strong

I feel as though the tide has dragged

me under

As if I was lost in a storm as the

lightening strikes before the sound of thunder

A slave to the heart that beats deep down

in this chest of mine

As if my blood were rushing through my body

causing me to mistake you for some sort of shrine

A slave to your voice one that is sweeter than

music or any other melody known to man

As if the only thing left were you leading me to

the dance floor whispering “Love me you can”

As a slave I surrender to my master

with something I’ve never before known

love unconditional and true

As if my unconditional surrender would lead me

to a happiness and peace experienced by few

As your slave I’m led by the hand and pushed

toward the tunnel of my dreams

As if I was meant to awaken and realize nothing

absolutely nothing as it seems


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