Write On for April 2017 Poetry reading

The following five poems were read at the 2017 10th Annual FKCC Poetry Reading put on by the Spring 2017 Poetry Writing Class and attended by FKCC students, faculty, staff, and Key West Community members.


All this shattered glass

By Liza B. Crump


All this shattered glass tells the tale of the story of all her memories and heartache of the past.  She used to ask herself and God how much longer will this pain last?



Leafless Tree in the Wind

By Mary Elizabeth Bailey


Leafless tree in the wind

Broken, oh how insignificant you look.

You’ve had your adornments

Stripped from you

Not even one leaf left to show.

Not even one leaf left to cling to.

To remind you of the elegance and majesty,

That was once yours.

The things that were part of you,

Made you feel whole.

Now, withered and strange,

A few still rest at your mangled roots.

Gradually, the few left

Waft away on the breeze.

Leaving you

Somehow more vacant than before.

Left alone with your reflections.

No longer able to hide behind your vanity

Just a leafless tree in the wind.


This world

By Shamika Clark


I wish that this was Jerico,

And all I had 2 do was March and praise,

Lord I lay my Freedom at your Feet,

And continue to walk in Faith.


I haven’t seen my family in such a long time,

And though it seems all hope is gone,

Lord I give my burdens to you to bare,

Until you call me home.


This world is not my home,

I’m just a passin’ through.

Through these troubles unknown,

Until I’m back with you.


I wish that I was Paul,

And all I had to do was sing & pray,

Then this very foundation would shake,

And you would open up those gates.


There are things in this world that I have yet to see

But I won’t miss them none.

When I am finally standing next to you,

Shining bright as the sun.


This world is not my home,

I’m just a passin’ through.

Through these troubles unknown,

Until I’m back with you.





Frankenstein Bride

By Nicole Langley


So here I am again, severed apart

He threw me away, he tore out my heart

Left cut up and broken and deeply depressed

Appendages scattered, he left me a mess


A pile of body parts now, that lay on the floor

But I can rebuild, I’ve done it before

I’ll need some tape, some glue and some twine

For getting my head, reattached to my spine


Throw in a lung and my liver, intestines beneath

Dust off my brain, then pop in some teeth

Sew a thigh to a knee, a knee to the shin

I tossed out my spleen then nailed on my chin


I’ve broken some parts, a few ribs I may lack

But I sit myself up, and straighten my back

Glued on my nose, tape on my lips

Sew on some hair, screw on my tits


I rise up from the ground, covered in dirt

No nerves left to sever, so I’ll never hurt

No voice box to say a whisper or hush

Don’t try to flatter, no blood left to blush


I fixed up the details, my ears and my eyes

For crying my tears, and hearing your lies

Might have lost a few pieces, a finger, a toe

But they’re not important, so you’ll never know


Pieced back together, but I took one part

Closed up the sutures, but left out my heart

That part’s for you, thou you’ll abuse it, I know

I put it in a box, topped it with a bow


Stitched myself up, with care and with pride

Now love me forever, your Frankenstein Bride









Run Away Thoughts

By Gennica Seargeant


If I actually took to heart the thoughts in my mind,

I could comprehend why I have been so blind.


It’s hard for me to understand things I cannot see,

And make conscious choices of who I want to be.


I allow myself to constantly relive the past,

And suffer the repercussions of putting myself last.


I want to listen to my thoughts and put up a fight,

Because I’m no longer blind and now see the light.



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