Tortured, tormented, tired and confused,

Feeling lost without you, I don’t know what to do

I miss you more than words can say

At first I was mad and angry

That has changed

Now I am just hurt and that is how it stays.

Tears fill my eyes each time I think of you,

If I could hear your voice or see your smile,

Do you know what that would do?

It would make me smile and warm my heart,

Ease some of this pain from being apart.

I wish you knew what it is like to love somebody like you,

Then you would understand all these emotions I go through.

With you on my mind, tears in my eyes,

And love in my heart.

Everyday, I spend away from you, it tears me apart.

Not feeling whole, less than me, wanting

You to hold me in your arms,

Wondering when the next time that will be.

Not knowing if you still love me,

Drives me insane.

But it does no good to sit here and complain

So tortured, tormented, tired and confused

I stay.


Amanda Suzanne Falke


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