I could kiss the sky for hours

Everyday discovering something new

I know this energy does not lie

How do I suddenly feel brand new?


You walk into a room

Lightening bolts through the sky

Con I resist the inevitable?

I’m petrified of this natural high


You read my thoughts

And help me conquer my fears

With only the night between us

I fight hard to hold back the tears


I replay this bittersweet song

Over and over in my head

I open the door, ME

You grab and kiss, like it has been too to long

Do I know you from another lifetime?


You touch my face and my body trembles

This power formed between us

Stands to incomprehensible


The hunger runs wild, deep throughout your green eyes

Pulling me in endlessly

Beyond an immeasurable



My leaving soon is scary

But I know it is not the end, so

Do not say good-bye


For my dreams never lie

So until we meet again my love


Please excuse me while I kiss the SKY


Lisa Marie


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