I let myself down without a doubt drinking and drugging like a waterspout.

I couldn’t see where my life was going, but my pain and fear was steadily growing.

I will get to the point I did not care! All of my money went up in the air.  There were many a days I thought I would die living my life lie after lie.  To be an addict there is no fun, being chased by a drug, always on the run.  There is no place to go when the devil is your ride.  When you are with your “friends” and getting high you will awake one day and these “friends” will be gone but the devils hook will still hang on.  I have learned something being in Jail looking at my life from this little cell.  What the devil gives me he always takes back, and thank God we have Jesus!  He takes up our slack.  I called on him to set me free.  He gave me salvation, promised eternity.  He told me every promise I will keep if you follow me your path would not be so steep.  He cleansed my soul from all unclean.  He gave me love I have never seen.  If you are out there just call out his name because there is no future in Satan’s game….





One thought on “LOVE

  1. I can sure relate to the story you just described. Blessings to you on your new life. Keep your head to the sky and never look back unless you’re looking to see how far you’ve come. The grass is greener on this side!

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