Drop the pipe

And pick up a pen

Keep smokin’ that shit

And you’re never going to win


This poem I’m writing is

Specially for you

Cause I’m prayin about

What in the hell you are gonna do


I hope you’ll do the same

If I end up on the street

Drinkin and partyin

Not caring the path on my feet


Word around here is

Not very good

You’re foolin’ no one

Playing around in the hood


Silly silly you

Thinkin you could “party in peace”

Cause people been “Peepin you”

Since your release


I’m only writing this

Because YES I still care

That someday we’ll find you

Dead somewhere


The very same thing

They’ve worried bout me

Because of “The Bottle”

That I could never let be


I could be “one cocktail away

From a life-sentence”

Even after all these years

Of incarceration and penance


Please try to party

Enjoying moderation

Lest you come back here

For an extended vacation






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