This is the change… I needed a change


Too falsely happy to see the light.

In too dark of a place to know what was right


When I first walked in it was so dark and so cold

A dead end turn brought to life

My way of living was not a life

It was a pattern a behavior when I had given up strife


No door-knob to turn, no light switch to flip

Had all I’d been doing really led up to this


I cried for days, shuttered at the rules

Only to realize the world must do something

With those who have become their own fool


In a place of gloom, where one finds negativity room after room


One door I enter every Monday night

Turns on my heart and mind like a beacon in the night


Now everyday I use my new journal

To record my new life!


Someone else’s actions reflect constructive thought

One can carry on!!


Thanks so much for your time and your belief in us!


Write On , Write ON!!!


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