Looking though the glass I wonder who she is

I study her face her eyes almost feline

She is the definition of beauty but she doesn’t know

Dark painted guilty uneasy

So beaten so broken from living fast

A super glues shattered soul

Her only bright spot is also her darkest memory

Good-bye nature a heart so pure

Consumed by a world so evil

Pain Shame Guilt things she struggles with each day

So lost so distant so confused she finds ways to take the pain away

Another day another dollar her bankroll

Were getting big but her self-esteem smaller?

Another line another puff

Realizing nothing is ever enough

Another obstacle another wall

Another day of feeling small

She is deep in her addiction

Rock bottom as they say

She leaves the glass pushing me away

Came back Come back God send her back to me

As I fall to my knees

I just realized the nature of the disease

That glass is the mirror and that girl is me


Tanya Rego


One thought on “Looking

  1. The human condition, and the cure, but oh so unpopular. I included your and two other Write On lady residents poems in the sheriff’s hotel in today’s “the the way journalism, politics and life should be done, but it probably ain’t gonna make you rich and famous, or win you no beauty pageants in Key West and America” post at
    http://goodmorningkeywest.com/?p=36650, and shared same on Facebook.

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