“Time” For Another Nap

It’s harder and harder to find myself

As each day goes by

Lost in my own wilderness

And I’m not sure why

I attain to conquer

But all I find is sleep

Addicted to my dreams

My issues – still piling in a heap

As each day goes by

Lost, I sit and stare

Thinking of the future ~ after all this?

Buyer beware

Too tired to “try”

And to tired to think

I’ve become “one” with my bed

And my mind’s on the brink

To “conquer and achieve” is

What I once lived for

Now it’s to drift on another dream

~Question the realm behind each door

Why bother to wake

To this sad weary place

Just a shell of myself

My will? Barely a trace

The goal is to thrive

When behind these walls

Decay of the mind

Comes after too many repeated falls

Year after year now

And still more beauty sleep

When will it ever end?

How? For prosperity will I reap?

More and more sleep

To get away from myself

Easier to cope

With my heart on a shelf

“Open thine eyes

And be satisfied with bread”

It’s in the proverbs (20:13 proverbs)

Which I’ve recently read

“Love Not Sleep” it says

“Lest thou come to poverty”

Proof ~ that what I’m doing to myself

Is total robbery?

If I could just wake up and “do this…”

But it’s always tomorrow

Knowledge of this ~ plus the “yesterdays”

Only compound more sorrow

Can’t wait to cover up

And get lost in a dream

Another moment here awake

And I’ll surely begin to scream

So back to my dreams

To escape this wretched place

To partake in another “story”

Out there in foggy space

So many other places

Out there to be found

Challenges to conquer

While I sleep safe and sound.


Sept 20, 20

*”Addicted to my Dreams”

Because it’s the only way, really to

spend time with my daughter and or my Mom.

My dreams are my only way to still have a family!


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