“Life is Fragile”

Blowing rocks, it is high tide

We tell each other this isn’t goodbye

Left behind the sunshine

Now we are lost

In hidden places beyond the shadows

Our love was tossed

A whispered wish in the wind

God please forgive me for I have sinned

He can’t sleep, the rain is falling

The path of darkness, you’ll find him crawling

Tears blast from her eyes

Outside the lightning strikes

Bitter cold and off color, ready to let go

In that moment He chose love

And told the Devil NO!!!

In the sky a spill of stars

He sees her halo, thou she is far

He’s finally getting off the ground

Emerging from the dark

She smiles back at him

And the both feel that amazing spark

Holding hands, their hearts awaken

There healed hearts no longer breaking

Moon light, lovers laughing

Waves break, water crashing

Life is fragile, their love remains

Together happily ever after

They grow old and go insane

They hold each other, go to sleep

And written on there stone

A beautiful carving that says

K J Loves Stacey

And they finally made it home

Stacey Legate


2 thoughts on ““Life is Fragile”

  1. Stacy, other ladies contributing to this blog …

    My lady Kari Dangler, now in the sheriff’s jail where you are, told me about your website, and twice now I have provided its link in posts at my website goodmorningkeywest.com, and probably will continue doing that from time to time, as I view your poetry and prose important, relevant, gripping and often heart-wrenching.

    I can’t, nor can anyone, who has not been in jail, or in prison, know what that’s like, but we who have not had the experience can learn a lot of you who have had it.

    I once had a number of men inmate pen pals arising out of a workshop I did in a maximum security prison in Colorado, in early 1991, as I recall, which the prison chaplain asked me to conduct after he had read my book THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD: A New Approach to Legal Problems, published in the fall of 2000. In 2001, I published PRISONS & FREEDOM, 1/3 of which was about the workshop. Both books are a metaphysical approach to legal and other troubles, THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD was the first such book I wrote. Before that, the books I wrote were legal consumer topics, secular.

    I was unable to sell enough copies, nowhere close, of THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD and PRISONS & FREEDOM to even pay myself back the cost of self-publishing the two books, and eventually I donated most of the copies I’d had printed and bound to The Prison Library Project in Clermont, California, which, based on its website, http://www.claremontforum.org/#!services/ca4p , still seems to be operating.

    They gave away a lot of copies those two books, and that’s what led to me having even more inmate pen pals for a number of years. You can write to them and tell them what subject interests you, and they will try to match a book, or books, to the subjects you indicate, and send you the books to you free of charge.

    Prison Library Project​
    915-C W. Foothill Blvd, PMB 128
    Claremont, CA 91711

    As far as I know, prisons and jails around the US allowed inmates to received books mailed to them from the Prison Library Project.

    THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD and PRISONS & FREEDOM might still be available there, and sometimes I see them at online bookstores, and even at Amazon.com. If you would like a copy of each sent to the jail, and if I can find copies online, I will have them sent to whomever you designate, or to Kari, who is in Unit B, currently.

    Kari already was sent a copy of the last novel to jump out of me, which has a lot of legal stuff in it, some prison stuff, and lots of metaphysics, drama, and romance (man-woman kind): HEAVY WAIT; A Strange Tale. She may not have gotten it yet, but she read maybe 1/3 of it before she went back into the jail, a copy I gave to her. It’s still in print, and same offer to you for it, as the other two books.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you,

    Sloan Bashinsky, ex-lawyer (I quit, it was killing me)
    P.O. Box 2681
    Key West, FL 33045

    • P,S,
      Dreams last night left me feeling I didn’t say enough about the 3 books I wrote. They are about psychological and spiritual healing, which means they are about introspection, instead of laying blame elsewhere for our predicaments. Also, the books are about supernatural intervention into the lives of people who are using that approach.

      Stacey, my apology for leaving the e out of your first name in my first comment.


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