“It is said that all relationships serve one of two purposes – entertainment or educational.”

I learned many things but the lesson I find the most important is this – even the darkest storm cloud truly does have a silver lining.  I honestly say he changed who I am at the very core, for the better I believe.  My whole life I was right brained like my father.  A math whiz, very compulsive, with a tendency to be ridged.  I desperately longed to be more like my left brained mom – creative, artistic and flexible.  But no amount of art classes, practice, or encouragement from mom could change the reality that I lacked artistic talent.  Then along came prince charming – boxing my ears, bashing my head into walls and floors, and often choking me until I’d lose consciousness.  I thought he was going to end my life but thanks to the amazing healing powers of the human brain he gave me a new life.  The life of an artist.  Most of the damage was sustained on the right side of my brain, the left side began to compensate and I grew stronger.  I now get to experience life as a left-brain person.  Few folks get the chance to be both right and left brained in their life.  So I consider what my abusive (soon to be ex) husband gave me a unique wedding gift and a serious lesson in seeing the positive in absolutely any situation.
Angela Specker


One thought on ““It is said that all relationships serve one of two purposes – entertainment or educational.”

  1. You have an amazing and beautiful mind and I miss it dearly!! I hope you are well- I’d love to stay in touch so I searched for you and so far can only find you on here. Please let me know how to reach you. God bless the Write On ladies that selflessly reach out and offer love and support for the ladies in MCDC.

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