Left to right

My second marriage certainly qualified as a learning experience.  I learned many, many things in that brief time but the lesson I find the most important is this—even the darkest storm cloud truly does have a silver lining.  I can honestly say he changed who I am at the very core, for the better I believe.  My whole life I was very left brained like my father; a math whiz, very compulsive and rigid. I wanted desperately to be more like my right brained mom; she is creative, artistic and flexible.  No amount of art classes, practice, or encouragement from mom could change the reality that I lacked artistic talent.  Then Prince Charming came along—boxing my ears, bashing my heed into walls and floors, and often choking me until I lost consciousness.  I thought he’d end my life but thanks to the amazing powers of the human brain he gave me a new life—the life of an artist.  Because most of the damage was sustained on the left side of my brain, the right began to compensate and grew stronger.  I may struggle with basic math now but I’m enjoying being a right brained person.    Few folks get to experience being both left and right brained in one lifetime.  I consider that my abusive jerk of a husband gave me a very unique wedding gift, the gift or artistic abilities.  He taught me a serious lesson in seeing the positive in any situation!

Angela Specker


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