The realization has finally hit me

The aches of my pain has dawned on me

Stricken abruptly by my past mishaps of

My dealings, with what’s called addiction

Funny, my mother I saw, appeared before

Me in a glass. Reflected of her being, but

Both our past in me.

Oh, how this pain stricken me

To walk down the path that killed her deliberately

With relapse and mishaps

It’s okay to make mistakes.  But, it’s the

Mistakes that makes us when we wallow in

Our shameful pain.  Pity from our past that laughs.

Our hearts are so warm it melts inside

The storm.  With no warning it comes so fast

To speak out loud, OH how I’ve realized…

That this time will be the last time…

Who I’ve lost, goodbyes to offspring

I’ve brought into this world, depending on me

To make them through, Goodbye to those I look at still, Goodbye to

My should of’s would of’s could of’s

If I only have should of’s Goodbye to only If’s

God take this hand of mine

Help me become more like you

With your blood of wine… Your bread of life… It’s my right

Help me to fulfill the life you have always planned to instill before me

Help me fulfill your needs, wants, and destiny


Do you not hear my cry to you?

I stand foreign of my debts to you

I STAND because I belong with you

Realization has finally sunken through

Sharon Jackson


2 thoughts on “REALIZATION

  1. Girl, I feel your pain. I was once there myself but only by the grace of GOD I got past that dark, empty, and lonely place. I know that this poetry comes from deep within. Continue to write because that’s a healthy way of venting, and then try and live what you write. May GOD bless you and keep you.

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