God I can not do nothing right

Dead emotions reliving my past life

How will I win this fight

I started within myself

So long ago

Back when I was innocent

Yet so old

Cheering and dancing were my passion, one

I gave up for acting, just to keep things cool,

I went to school

Just to make the boys drool

Little did I know I was looking the Fool

I had everything a girl could want

But I threw it all away

For something I thought was more fun

That crazy life, that wildlife, that nightlife

That made me grow just not inside

Daddy was not home

Mom drank shit with white foam

At 12 what do I do?

Just drive around smoke and cruise

You know it is better said

I went to far ahead, and started to rebel

Against all the good I could not tell

Like always shaking my ass in the club I was growing to fast

Started hooking up with boys

When really I should have been hooking up with school

Now I am 19 and I am expecting things that did not seem

Could really happen to me

Thought I was strong and always right


The fact I was going down the wrong path

Truly that is not where happiness ever was at

   by Hilda


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