When I read my angel card about the little messages life gives us and how we should listen if similar ones keep repeating (synchronicity) I can only relate one way, the “Radio Game.” Anyone who’s ever been on a long road trip with me knows about this fun and unorthodox way to leave life’s big decisions up to the universe. When a major situation, choice or dilemma has me going in circles I ask my grandpas for guidance. Since they’ve both passed on and I’m not quite nuts enough to hear voices- I let the radio do the talking. I turn the volume all the way down after hitting the scan button, and then I ask my grandfather’s opinions. I turn it up, ignore talk or commercials, stop on the next song and interpret lyrics as they can be related to situations. No- it’s not scientific. It’s probably blasphemy and a little silly but then again I’m not scientific, a bit blasphemous and quite silly. Anyway I get about the same results as if I’d labored over these issues. It works out well sometimes and not so well most of the time, just like life. Regardless I waste less time debating and deciding and get an excuse to touch base with my favorite dead guys. I sometimes even find a new song I enjoy.


Angela Specker


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