On this date…

The only time date seems to exist for me is in jail, otherwise my life is a ceaseless time warp without society’s time keepers to remind me of age and mortality on a constant basis.

I hate walls, walls of houses, jails, restaurants, boxes of all sorts, because they all seem to possess a clock. Un-matching and awkward in it’s” decorated with purpose” surroundings, ticking away our youth.

In my reality I know a sunrise, afternoon sun, sunset, night and “oh no” the suns coming up, better get to bed. I know low tide, high tide, full moon, half moon, new moon and crescent moon with a star near its center.

When I am me in my full glory of me, time ceases to exist and I am more than likely not aware of the date.

On this date.. I am all too aware of the date.




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