On this date…

On this date…I’m sitting here contemplating what date I should write about. Should I write about the past, the present or the future. Or should I write about a date that happened in a dream.

The dream won.

I was on a date with RC. We went to an indoor, outdoor stadium where there was a basketball game on one side and a hockey game on the other.

We finally settle down on the side where the basketball game is being played. Down in the grass on the basketball court side are a couple of kids with a wagon. I strained to see what was in the wagon.

All of a sudden a huge snake glides out of the wagon and starts gliding up the steps towards me. I scream and back away. I’m scared to death.

Then all of a sudden we are in a hallway with no doors. We are loose. The hallway turns into a maze. We keep walking, trying to find a way out and all of a sudden I look next to me and RC is gone. I run trying to find him. He appears out of a hidden doorway.

The cell door buzzes-breakfast time.

Susan M.Aldrich


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