Recently, I happened upon a list of world holidays, as compiled by a noted publisher of alternative subjects.  And golly it is a good thing I did!  Otherwise, I’d have missed such important dates as 7-27 the Finish Sheepherders, or the weighing in of the Aga Khan.  No country is noted for the weigh in, so I could guess that the Aga had influence (or size) over several areas.

There’s the Chinese Feast of the hungry ghosts 8-17… that might describe some of the line up at Key West’s soup kitchen.  For the Roman holiday of Rustic Vinalia on 8-19, one could easily imagine celebrating with a number of “fruits of the vine.”  Like Boones Farm, Ripple, Mad Dog, etc…  But what would one serve on 8-29 the commemoration of St John’s Beheading?  Salami and head cheese, perhaps?

The Japanese have a sedate Chrysanthemum Festival on 9-9, but they also have on 5-15 a Phallus Festival.  Since Japan is undoubtedly pretty darn cold in that month, I do not think any parading around would be very popular.

On 4-27 the Egyptians have a Smell the Breezes Day.  That’s all well and good; I do not think the smells would be good in January on the 14th at France’s Feast of the Ass.

In October on the 9th one can wait with bated breath for the oh so exciting South Korean alphabet day. WOW do we get to dress up as different characters?  Also in October, the Brits have a holiday on the 16th called the Lion Sermon.  I am sure all the participants at that festival will have a roaring good time!

The Japanese have all bases covered wit the Commerce God’s Ceremony on 11-20, followed by 1-10 the business God’s Day.  No sense in leaving those deities ceremonies to chance!

The Mayan Day of the Dead is on 11-7, and the Iroquois celebrate 10-29 a Feast of the Dead.  Mmmmm! Sounds yummy!

I am not waiting around for the Chinese Goddess of Mercy Day.  I might not need mercy, that’s on 10-22.  By the time, I’d be so burned out on being in jail that I’d be looking to barbeque my lawyer.  Also burning in Egypt is the Feast of the Burning Lamps 11-24 and in Guatemala is a festival in December simply named Burning the Devil.  How one goes about that I do not know.

I would certainly avoid the Roman celebration of Terminalia 2-23. Do attendees demonstrate different ways of being terminated?  I would be sure to go to Hilaria the Roman fete on 3-22 celebrating no doubt all things hilarious!

There is what’s called the Little Carnival in Germany 11-14 and in Tibet the Day of the New Dance on 11-28.  In August celebrating the European Feast of the Minstrels and China has a Festival of Pure Brightness on 4-7.

Finally while the Spanish have a Feast of the Cows on 7-13, China pulls out all the stops on 1-19 with the Kitchen God’s Feast.  That’s one I would definitely mark down on my calendar.  Bring on the food!

And may a good time be had by all.




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