From Lonnie at Lowell Correctional Institute


 The great and powerful OZ is a sergeant way up high that calls over his mike “Stay Inside The Yellow Line,” a line I follow day after day without change.  Sure I’ve met plenty a scarecrows who wished they had a brain and a few who like the wizard only thought they had a brain.  Further on down in time I’ve met many a tin woman without a heart but there are more lions than anything thinking they can roar and give you a scare they will slice or slap you without a care and since I am not Dorothy I will stand clear cause it seems poor Toto isn’t anywhere near.  I am trying only to find the way home but Glenda the good witch dare not make herself known cause the land of Lowell has got a hundred wicked witches running about.  The ruby red slippers were taken and labeled contraband so all that is left are these rubber slippers and they will hardly get me through the month much less the journey home.  So I will keep following the yellow line just waiting waiting waiting and waiting cause there is no place like home home home.


Lonnie Artique


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