How I Made A Friend In Solitary

I’ve been in solitary confinement 6 days
now, but no worries, I’m in good company,
and I have been since my first night.  Sure do
hope my cute visitor keeps up our nightly 
rendezvous for the whole 20 I have to be 
locked down.  I’m certain to miss him when
they put me back in general population and 
I’ll probably be watching my new window
for him then.  He only comes at night and I’ve
become so enthralled as to actually try 
my hand at drawing just so I will have a 
picture of him to show off.  This is nothing
short of a miracle considering my artistic
talents were given up on back in my teens.
Nights in jail are long, and especially so in here
in solitary, which makes him a very welcome
guest.  To show I appreciate his visits, tonight 
I decided I shall name him.  As the glass
is too thick to ask his opinion I hope he 
approves of the first one that hit me
looking at the familiar way he often 
stands.  No other name besides Donnie
could possibly suit my little buddy.  
May not sound like a very special name
to most, but it is if you know his 
namesake.  You see, it’s a rarely used 
nickname for my father, Donald.
Those few who call him that know a special,
whimsical, side of him- a side that growing 
up I knew as well and remember fondly.  As
life, and I, wore him down we all saw less and 
less of that funny guy who did silly things
just to make us smile.  By my teens those 
moments became rare and the memories of them
beyond priceless.  One such moment was on a
summer vacation standing in line to get into 
some event or fancy restaurant I don’t recall.  
Impatient and bored, Dad started striking an 
odd pose and flicking his tongue and bugging out
his eyes.  Being a teen of course I acted 
embarrassed, but secretly then, and now, gushed
with pride at how he made the whole crowd
giggle with his crazy impression.  You see, geckos
were all the rage that summer, adoring every
fashion and the store window we were standing 
beside.  My new “pet” gecko leaves me asking 
myself if his namesake knows he’s the reason 
a sense of humor is the first quality I’ve always 
sought in a man and that no man will
ever hold a candle to his power to make me

One thought on “How I Made A Friend In Solitary

  1. Wonderfully written. No one should spend that much time in solitary, and I am sorry that you are there. Hope Donnie continues to amuse you.

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