Not bound by feet or hand

But still prisoners of the sand,

There’s no escaping these island palms

The wind here blows south to west

And each day we’re put to the test,

While the birds whistle up a song

We’ve all tried many times to escape

But this here is our fate

This prison is our home.

The sunsets are exquisite,

And each day more people visit

Yet I still fell all-alone.

With the coming of the tide

There’s not many places left to hide

So many things that so entice

While we’re bathing in the sun

And having all kinds of fun,

We will remain prisoners in paradise

To find a way out, to reach up and

Beyond, to get out of this place is my goal.

To move on past this, to work on the

Healing, to try and forget this mistake.

Life as I knew it, has stopped moving

Forward, has come to a complete stand still.

But when I get out, I’m going to change,

I’m going to pick up where I left it

All waiting, where my life has yet to begin.

Finish my education and work a little,

To complete my short-term goals.

To get past these bumps that came across my

Road, to move on and begin again.


I have this dream, of a better

Future, to find my way and start over.

Lea Rose Hay


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