(write-on topic: plants)

I spend my days, wasting away, in slumber or in a book.

When I get up, and think too much, my mind tends to hook.

Thinking of things, that really don’t matter, to put them all away.

To hear his voice, speaking to me, it makes me want to sway.

I miss them all, including him, my friends and my loved ones.

For them to know, that I’m in here, on their hearths it weighs a ton.

To see sunlight, to feel the “grass,” to touch ones who care.

My love for them, is returned to me, I really don’t like to share.

When I get out, I vow to you all, you will never see me again.

Unless you’re out, and about, with no more tears or pain.

Try to take me back in here, no you can’t, I shan’t.

I’m starting my life, I’m growing my roots, I’ll define my own plant.


-LeaRose Hay


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