Black, White, & Grey

We see in colors everyday, but what we really see is black and white, not grey.  We choose to see this way, because it is how we have been unkowningly taught.  What is right, and what is wrong, has been drilled into our minds when growing up.  We have our minds when growing up.  We have been taught that there are only two choices when making decisions.


A lot of people don’t realize that there is a third choice.  The grey area.  Many great decisions can be made by seeing the third choice that we have as human beings. There will alway be a right and a wrong, but will you agree if a grey is shown to you?


Most will answer no, because they are wary as most of us are, of the unknown.  But what is there to fear, when it could solve all problems in life?  The answer, is nothing.  There is nothing to fear from the unknown.


If it is good, then you shall reap nothing but the benefits and the reward.  If it is bad, then you shall learn from the mistaken choice and not make it again.  In life, there is nothing but choices.  Most questions have yes or no answers.  But then again, most yes or no questions have a grey area, too.


The point I’m trying to make is to be very simply put.


Don’t shut out your choices because a yes or no won’t do.  Take chances on decisions.  Even if you’re unsure about the answer when you give it.  But most importantly, stand by your choice, night and day.  This way, you will start to see in black, white and grey.


-LeaRose Hay


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