The subject we were given to write about this week is “finding a way, never giving up, the result of teamwork.”  As I sat and pondered this my thoughts kept returning to the same thing over and over: the women here.  I have seen people of different backgrounds, races, religions and beliefs come together to share their stories, their tears, their laughter.  I’ve witnessed complete strangers in the midst of despair, recovering from horrendous addictions, chemical and emotional, perform unselfish acts of kindness towards one another and share, even though they themselves have had everything they hold dear taken away.


I always thought I knew the meaning of words like courage, humility and kindness, but I am reminded daily that these are only words, and actions speak so much louder.


I’ve seen women walk through these doors, myself included, feeling alone and isolated and walk out with hope in their hearts and in some cases with the first real friends they’ve ever had.  To me this is one of the best examples of “Team Work” I can imagine:  to just love your fellow man.  ❤


-Lisa H.  Old Skool 


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