I don’t remember much that day.  It was long ago, twenty-two years.  We weren’t far from the Key West bay.  Being so young I did not have too much fear.

The Coast Guard brought us into land.  I do remember being given a teddy bear.  This country did give all my family a hand.

They showed us how much strangers can care.

I spent almost all my life in the USA.  I still hold my two countries near my heart.  Though I am in this place today and this soil gave me the tools to build my new start.

To Cuba I will go back some day to see my father and my aunt and brother.  Maybe I’ll come back or maybe I’ll stay.  Yet this country will always be my mother.


Marisleini Herrada


One thought on “Motherland

  1. Keep up the good writing. Alot of our best work come from our past experiences so nobody else can tell the story better than we can. I enjoyed reading it, it gave me the feeling of watching a short movie.

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