A Grandmothers Love

A Grandmothers Love

I have an angel sent from above;
She is always there and shows lots of love.
When she wraps her arms around me they feel like a glove.
She is the mother I never had;
Always teaching me right from wrong, the good from the bad.
My mother died when I was just a little girl,
One of the worst feelings in the world.
A motherless child, I began to run wild.
Growing up fast and entering womanhood.
There were so many things I misunderstood.
No words to speak filled with depression; I was left feeling weak;
My guardian Angel stepped in and lifted me!
I call her Grandmother she showed me love like no other.
She pulled me out from deep down in the gutter.
For that I will always love her.
There is no love like that of a Grandmother.
I will forever thank God for this Angel.
When she is gone there will never be another.
She is not my Grandmother she I my Mother!

Latavia Jackson


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