Human’s start off from an egg/seed if it connects properly the egg will grow.  The gardener/mommy eats right and does everything a good mommy will do to make the little eggs grow big and strong until it is big enough to transfer from womb to world where it will start getting food, water, sun.  As the baby human grows bigger and stronger taking roots to start the cycle of life all over again.  Plants on the other hand are pretty much the same a tree will start as a seed and with water, food, sun and the right soil this little baby seed will grow and grow.  Soon it’s ready to move out of the pot/womb as the gardener puts it in the ground into the world.   So as the tree gets bigger it plants its roots and starts to grow to send one of its seedlings out into the whole new cycle of life.

     So what’s the meaning of Plants vs. Humans?  It means no matter who or what you are from a baby in the womb or a seed in the ground trying to grow ALL living things in this world need food, water, sun and most of all plenty of TLC (tender loving care).





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