It’s hit or miss, up then down,

Black and white – wrong side of town.

The old sot unzipped his fly and pissed his name

Against the wall.  Think I give a fuck?

I caught the buss, then caught your cold

Until I cried paisley clouds

That dropped rains of gold.

But the sky misted dry when you called my name…

Come let the flies in,

Come let out the light.

Oh, the many drunken days and sober nights!

I’ve held on long to the shirt tails of your sanity-

But I lost my purchase.

Sew the jasmine studded blade beneath my skin

And let the gree and yellow caterpillars eat me thin.

Feet to pavement.

Dawn to dusk.

I took the old man’s brown bag and drank his rust

As I fought those bloody wars

Behind splintered doors.

Come let the flies in!

Come let out the light!




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