1- Stainless steel toilets magnify the sound 5-10 times


2- Wool blankest reproduce dust bunnies at an alarming rate


3- Contrary to popular belief jail is not free.  $1 a day etc… Etc. etc.


4- The main staples of a jailhouse diet consists of mystery meat, potatoes, bread, beans and cabbage.


5- You are only granted 5-13 minutes to complete your gourmet meal


6- Trying to get 15 people on one TV show is very hard


7- Sharing a cell with a Bunkie with bad gas STINKS


8- Give an inmate a can ob Baby Powder and see how many things they can do with it


9- Leave it to an inmate to turn coffee into an IV drug


10- Jailhouse toothpaste is a great paint remover or glue


11- Going to anger management class when the teacher has a black eye and can be considered hypocrisy


12- 9 out of 10 inmates who did not read in the free world will become book junkies


13- Only idiots come to jail


14- Using a phone that has voice recognition is impossible when you have a cold


15- Shit Happens


16- Getting on and off the top bunk is hazardous to your health


17- Contrary to popular belief masturbation won’t make you blind or grow hair on your palms


18- Chances are if someone is standing behind you when you’re in the KIOSK, then they are trying to see how much money is on your account


19- In jail walking in circles is considered therapy


20- Transporting an inmate 88 miles to fill out a paper is a waste of county funds


21-  Showering with 10 other women or men is AWKWARD


22- 2 out of 5 inmates still watch cartoons


Queen B



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