It’s amazing how someone is perceived to be because of how they look, walk, talk or carry themselves.

Ignorance is bliss or so I’m told, but in here it’s stupidity of others that truly chaps my ass… 🙂

Pre-judging a person on appearance, hanging another because of their case and not knowing the circumstances before the action that brought them here in the 1st place.  

I sit each day @ the round table drawing to pass the time or to make a quick buck to get by and just take in the words I hear spoken by hypocrites, gossip mongrels and women that feed off one’s misery.  Granted not all are like that, just enough that tip the scale and make me question why?

Pointing fingers and laughing and I hear, “That one’s gay for the stay,” or “She’s just a commissary hoe” and “She’s just confused and seeking companionship..”

Throughout time women have leaned on each other for hundreds of reasons and most of them all innocent so why the hating now? I’m a woman that knows my mind as well as my heart who’s strengths are unfathomable!  Others feel intimidated by me when in reality I am no different than them, expect for my appearance.. I am woman and this is my roar. If you don’t like it kiss my ass bitches, I’m not gay for the stay and this is my life I’m Living.


Helen R.



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