Shower Power



  1. Man I wish I looked like that
  2. OMG don’t look
  3. Glad I don’t have hair there
  4. Are those real?
  5. Is that soap hers or mine
  6. Don’t look down, don’t look down
  7. Is she really squatting to clean…
  8. Did she really just use soap off the floor
  9. Why is she starring at me
  10. Is she looking at me or is that just her lazy eye
  11. Who stole my towel
  12. Now that she is washing her ass when will she brush her teeth
  13. I wonder what they would think if I did a naked cartwheel- WEEEE
  14. Why does that male sergeant come in at shower time every night
  15. I’ll come back later


by, Queen B


3 thoughts on “Shower Power

  1. “Glad I don’t have hair there.” Ha ha! I was reading along and chuckling outloud (but only because your tremendous wit gave me permission to laugh at something that is quite painful) and BAM! the male sergeant walks in and wipes the smile off my face. Asshole.

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