Here I am

Waiting is the pitts

“Throw me to the alligators”

Se says but

Still there she sits

During the sunrise and

The moment that hot

Sun sets

Stuck in a cell

No longer

Baring her wits

Time will go

On and on

Here she will stay

There she will lay

beauty is the prisoner

alone after the hearing

inmates becoming what

they’ve been loathing

trials make mountains

out of those molehills

turned an innocent

into some monster

society adores this

it’s a process

like breathing

in and out

inagine renovation!

The system upheaved

Media blackouts

Prisoners reprieved

Imagine like the

Nurturing parent

A system that neither

Abuses nor enables

The respondent

They’d get time to

Spiritually connect

Change their thoughts

Inside and out

But for now

Here is an inmate

Soon a prisoner

Although still just a flower

by, Par



3 thoughts on “Inmate

  1. Powerful commentary on a sad state of affairs. So important to write like this and show the world exactly who is on the other side of the equation: thoughtful, spiritual humans.

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