Don’t Snort the Sugar


  1. You should take a shower, you shouldn’t drop the soap
  2. You should respect the officer, you shouldn’t have to like it.
  3. You should masturbate, you shouldn’t procreate
  4. You should listen to secrets, you shouldn’t spread them around
  5. You should go on transport when required, you shouldn’t pass gas while aboard
  6. You should use the toilet when necessary, you shouldn’t forget the toilet-paper and use your bunkie’s washcloth
  7. You should tolerate other religious beliefs, you shouldn’t tolerate their hypocrisy
  8. You should daydream, you shouldn’t voice your escape plan
  9. You should play nice with others, you shouldn’t make friends
  10. You should admire art, you shouldn’t destroy state property, or get caught
  11. You should brush your teeth, you shouldn’t use your bunkie’s toothbrush
  12. You should wear your shoes at all times, you shouldn’t stomp and drag your feet
  13. You should drink your coffee, you shouldn’t snort your sweetener or sugar
  14. You should brush your hair, you shouldn’t use someone else’s comb
  15. You should be nice to everyone, you shouldn’t make fun of that one person who can kick your ass to China.
  16. You should do your dishes, you shouldn’t wash them in recycled toilet water

by, Queen B


3 thoughts on “Don’t Snort the Sugar

  1. I love it when my pearls of wisdom are delivered with humor. And, “You should play nicely with others. You shouldn’t make friends.” made me cry.

  2. Another sad funny piece from the Queen B! Sorry you have to experience all this, so glad you can laugh about it. You are very talented!

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