From birth the coiled yarn of life unfurls

In twisted knots and wide, far sweeping turns.

Untying, winding – randomly it curls

As much as Fate allows for Life’s concerns.

Slipped through a predetermined needle’s eye

Is Time, which must fulfill the prophecy?

Mere beings of potential, you and I.

All roads that point and yield destiny.

And from creation’s epicenter grow

The spokes of Truth now tangled ‘bout our head.

But trudge unmired in the search to know

The secrets that the oracle once said.

And find your heart inspired by the word

That now the one has found his Broken Bird


by, Maren


3 thoughts on “DESTINY’S SONNET

  1. Ummm. Wow! So much packed in here I will need to read it several times. That last line about the broken bird is so poignant. I don’t know what the writer intended but to me it means that, in all our imperfection, we will be welcomed home in the end.

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