Dear Self, Thank You

So, tomorrow night is this writing class.  We were given this assignment to write a thank you letter to someone we have never thanked.  At first, I thought I couldn’t do it because I couldn’t think of anyone.  I mean I thanked people without much explanation, but I thanked them nonetheless.  For example, the ladies in this writing class that provided me with this paper.  When I left the class last week, I thanked them, but I didn’t explain how desperately I needed an outlet for my thoughts or how grand their small gesture was to me.  But somehow I think they understood, as if they already knew.

Long story short, my bunky recommends one night that I write the letter to myself.  She says I should thank myself for not abusing drugs, etc…  An interesting idea I think.  So I ponder the idea for several very long days, and here it goes…

Dear Self,

If you are reading this letter aloud you were brave enough to share with the class.  Just breathe.  For those of you listening please clear your minds and hear my words, as I am about to begin.

Throughout your life you have always been your worst critic and enemy.  You have beaten yourself down for your mistakes and made it impossible to forgive and see yourself as you are.  Well, that ends here, so listen up.

We are all human, entitled to make mistakes, stumble, even fall.  This does not define us, and so, I want to tell you how it really is and how it’s going to be from now on.  You need to understand why you’ve fallen down – it is so you can get back up again.  And when you stand, are you not always stronger and more knowledgeable?  You need to start appreciating that because it is the substance that defines you.

Regardless of what choice or chain of events is currently consuming you, please let it all go – right – now and hear these words…

THANK YOU!  Thank you for caring when you mess up.  Thank you for caring how your actions and reactions affect those around you.  Thank you for wanting to learn from your mistakes.  Thank you for taking the time to work on your flaws, all the time striving to improve yourself.  Thank you for not folding under pressure, for this has allowed you to avoid temptations that may have destroyed your soul.  Thanks for staying true to yourself, even when the whole world seemed to be against you.  Thank you for choosing to trust in people, believing in the good and always trying to understand the bad.  I know sometimes it’s hard to see through the pain when someone breaks your trust or takes advantage of you, but in the end it’s you that matters.  There will never be a time when it’s easy to witness people hurt themselves.  When you believe they are better than that, but you may be the only person that sees them as capable.  You know how much that means to a person’s self worth, don’t you?   I know you do, so be proud that you offer that faith to others – it is a rare quality.  And thank you, for seeing the importance in being strong for people when they are weak.

Above all else, thank you for not judging others for their flaws, mistakes or outward appearance to the world.  This is a gift that you give and now I can give it to you – you no longer need to judge yourself by your mistakes or setbacks.  You don’t have to judge success by society’s measuring stick.  Now you are free to let go of the pain and accept yourself for being you.

Sincere thanks,

Heather Bowie


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