The piano you slew

With your talented hands

How I imagine

They arose from the stands

The imagery, the passion

The fire in the sound

To simply call it music

Would be to cast it to the ground

You were called many things,

By the church, violent was one

In your simple time

Appreciation was almost none

But you arose a true genius

Immortal and tall

You heard everything

Yet sadly, nothing at all


by, Puke


5 thoughts on “BEETHOVEN

  1. I had no idea Beethoven had a ‘complicated’ personality! Your poem got me curious so I looked him up and found: “He was an unkept, awkward, brash, and very, very self-confident young man.” Well, add ‘drunken’ to that list and yo have my ex! Ha ha! But seriously, I love your imagination. Reading this I, too, tried to picture what it must have been like to hear that music for the first time. Incredible.

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