Many judged guilty without a


Another victim of society – another

Misplaced file

A court appointed lawyer that

Serves God knows who.

I’m sure they heard “it wasn’t

Me” a time or two.

While it seems they’re required

To fight for only a few

Though it’s all about points

Never mind the crime

Cause it surely wasn’t justice

When someone hurt a child

And got less time

While rehabilitation sounds just


The recidivism in our system should

Be the biggest sign


by, Anon


4 thoughts on “THE SYSTEM

  1. I know it seems hopeless in there… I’m sad for all the decent people that have lost there way and end up with you… Yes the recidivism rate is horrific… The system is badly broken… Anyone that knows, knows that the JIP program is just that… a gyp… But their story doesn’t have to be yours… You can change the ending of your story… Believe!

  2. There are always a lot of statistics and studies and numbers on the news. People need to hear the human being that’s represented by each number and imagine what it feels like to be a ‘misplaced file’. Write on.

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