I’d like to take you back in time so buckle up and prepare to head out.  We’re headed for a place beyond Garland where dreams are just your imagination and nightmares become everyday occurrences in the game called life.  We’re headed to a place where KFC means Killer Fired Communists and your way is no way at all.  I would like to remind everyone to be properly dressed before your departure.  Meaning knee high boots. Although taller is perhaps better because the shit’s knee deep and known to rise.  Head covering is optional but keep in mind that shit falling from the sky doesn’t bring good luck since smelling like shit can be hazardous to your health and more than likely get you pushed into the lake of piss where nine times out of ten nobody will attempt to jump in and rescue you.  Please feel free to try any of our herbal essences since spice is truly nice.  They have been cultivated for your pleasure however please do not overindulge in these designer products!  This will lead to hallucinations varying from guest to guest.  For example one or more of the great balls of turd may appear freshly baked but chips ahoy they’re not!  You may even get to enjoy the vision of Puff the Magic Dragon playing through the night yelling “To one and to all puff, puff, puff pass for a merry ol’ night.” That’s all for now, please enjoy your journey through my mind otherwise knows as insanity.


by, Lonnie


3 thoughts on “A MOMENT OF INSANITY

  1. The mind that you used to describe your mind is good at it. Make sense? If not, sorry. Just took a trip through a moment of insanity and my souvenir is this trippy outlook.

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