Oxidized Heart

You are a waste of stardust

The heavens fell to earth and you drifted to me

Your heart is oxidized with crusted alloy and rust

It dies before you could be made happy

Your flesh is vindictive with an air of unrequited lust

But telling you won’t help you see

You are blind to your ways, errors and branded feats

My dearest reincarnated Loke


by, Parabhjot


2 thoughts on “Oxidized Heart

  1. “Loke” got me thinking. I wonder who that is? At first I thought it was the mythological trickster, Loki. Then I wonder if it’s the red headed guy from Fairy Tail. Both are on the celestial side, for sure. And I love the line, “you are a waste of stardust”. What a sad, beautiful image.

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